About Us. Dive Bazaruto Padi Dive Centre.

We are a Padi Certified Dive Centre that offers fantastic diving opportunities in a underwater world ranking alongside Australia's Great Barrier Reef - the Bazaruto Archipelago. The Bazaruto Archipelago comprises of five islands. From north to south, these islands are: Bazaruto, Santa Carolina (known as Paradise Island), Benguerra, Margaruque and Bangue. There are a number of dive sites around the islands, generally on the seaward side.

The waters around the Bazaruto Archipelago World Heritage Site and National Park are an ecological paradise. At 1400km², it is one of the largest marine conservation areas in the Indian Ocean.

With sites at a depth of 12 to 30 m and visibility up to 40 m you will find reefs teeming with life, including dolphin, hump back whales, whale sharks, sharks, manta and spotted eagle rays, game fish, green turtles and giant lobster.
The endangered Dugong of which only a very small number still exist, swim in the shallow crystal clear waters that are also home to starfish, soft and hard corals, anemones, seahorses and an array of beautiful tropical fish.

Other dive sites are located on the seaward side of San Sebastian (south of the islands on the mainland peninsular), a point jutting out in line with the islands. From San Sebastian, the mainland curves south west to form a large bay which is protected from rough seas by the point and the islands.

Travelling northwards up the bay, Archipelago Resort looks out to the south of Margaruque Island.

we also offer an array of water activities which include, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, tubing, water skiing and island hopping.

Bazaruto Island. A Sandy Experience.

Bazaruto Island is the largest island within the Archipelago and the Bazaruto National Park. It is a sandy island, only 35km in length and seven kilometres wide, and it appears as though the warm current contributes to the build upp of sand along its coast line. Its’ clear water allows visitors to view several lines on plankton bloom parallel to its shoreline.

Here you can expect to see ubandant marine life including dolphins, dugongs, humback whales and turtles. Crocodiles can also be found in the freshwater lakes in the area. The island itself consists of large sand dunes while other areas reveal thicket, scrub, grasslands and wetlands.

Dive Bazaruto - Bazaruto Island

Dive Bazaruto - Santa Carolina Island

Santa Carolina Island. A Rocky Outcrop.

Santa Carolina Island is the smallest of the five islands in the Archipelago. It is a rocky island that is only 3,2km by 0,4km, that consists of three beaches, deep channels and close coral reefs. An interesting history surrounds this island as a prison colony during the Second World War and a small fort can still be seen on the island, and in its prime it was considered a party venue for visitors.

Today it is the ruins on the island that attracts visitors, who can spend their time picnicking, snorkelling, fishing or lying on the beach. It offers beautiful coral reefs, and the elusive whale sharks can at times be viewed here.

Benguerra Island. Biodiversity at its Greatest.

Benguerra Island is the second largest island in the Archipelago and is about 55km long. It is known for its large sand dunes, beautiful walks and great diving opportunities. These islands are for the main part untouched and are very private. Here visitors can get a close look at its forests, savannah, fresh water lakes and wetland eco system that houses a variety of fauna and flora.

Divers may catch a glimpse of the rare dugongs, and snorkelers are also treated to a world of tropical fish. Fisherman can look forward to large game fish which include - as Sailfish, Kingfish, Bonito and Marlin, however due to its protected nature, this is on a catch and release system.

Dive Bazaruto - Benguerra Island

Dive Bazaruto - Magaruque Island

Magaruque Island. Enjoy the Magaruque Express.

This is another small island in the Archipelago, measuring 1.6km long and 1.4km wide, that offers unbelievable snorkelling with a marine paradise that offers over 2000 species of fish. The island is secluded and isolated and offers visitors a peaceful vista.

Visitors here are offered an array of activities which includes diving, fishing and boat trips.

Banque Island. Tiny but not to be missed.

This is a small uninhabited island within the Archipelago . It is a popular fishing destination.

Dive Bazaruto - Banque Island