Two Mile Reef

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Two Mile Reef is an excellent dive site for all levels of divers.

The  boat travels between Bazaruto and Benquera Island to reach the reef.
On this site you can expect to see the following sea life:

  • Potato bass
  • Eagle & Devil rays
  • Blue spotted rays
  • Honeycomb Moray eels
  • Green Moray eels
  • Black tip reef sharks
  • Grey reef shark
  • Turtles
  • Pelagic fish

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Two Mile is a barrier reef protecting a narrow channel between the sand dunes on the south of Bazaruto Island and the long, white beaches of the north point of Benguerra Island. The north tip of the reef is mid-way between the islands and runs southwards, approximately 4,5 kilometers east of the shore. The top of the reef protrudes from the sea at low tide, and slopes gently towards the east.
It is well known for its excellent snorkeling site inside the reef such as the Aquarium, as well as for a host of exciting dives on the seaward side.

These dive sites have alluring names such as The Arches, Shark point, North Point, The Boulders, Surgeon Rock, The Drop-Off, Cathedral and The Gap.
The flat-topped reef is carved with exciting gullies, which curve out from the shallows towards the deeper areas and each bend in the gully gives the divers a feeling of anticipation of what's around the corner.
The reef has a colorful diversity of hard and soft corals, anemone fish hide in their swaying homes and there are numerous schools of brightly colored reef fish such as, coachman, fusilier, snapper and surgeon.

Schools of large pelagic and reef fish also frequent the area and you may encounter potato bass, kingfish, barracuda, guitar fish, devil- manta and honeycomb rays. Large moray eels lurk in their rocky hideout and black tip reef sharks often put in an appearance. The wonderful whale sharks and numerous turtles are a welcome site to all divers. Shy dugong are in the area and are sometimes seen from the boat, but count yourself extremely lucky to see one while diving.

Pricing: Low Season

$95 per person if 4 or more divers on board.

Dive Bazaruto is located at Archipelago Resort, 6 km from town.  
Double dive 4 or more divers on board $95 pp
2 or 3 divers on board $130 pp
Price includes gear and equipment, sandwiches, cold drink and water. Transport can be arranged between lodges in town and Dive center, excludes Bazaruto National Park entry fee