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Two Mile Reef. Alluring, Exciting, Fantastic

Average Depth: 14m
Maximum Depth: 22m
Distance from Dive Centre: 16nm
Coordinates: S21 48'14.7 E035 30'20.1

Two Mile is and excellent dive site for all levels of divers.

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Dive Bazaruto - Two Mile Reef

Dive Bazaruto - Magaruque

Magaruque. Pictureque and Relaxing.

Average Depth: 6m
Maximum Depth: 14m
Distance from Dive Centre: 7nm
Coordinates: S21 57'46.5 E035 25'35.4

An easy Relaxing dive.

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Baluba Reef. Underwater Photography at its Best.

Average Depth: 10m
Maximum Depth: 14m
Distance from Dive Centre: 10nm
Coordinates: S22 02'32.7 E035 31'28.6

Baluba is perfect for Open Water Divers and is an awesome site for underwater photography.
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Dive Bazaruto - Baluba Reef

Dive Bazaruto - Linene Reef

Linene Reef. Exciting, for the Advanced.

Average Depth: 22m
Maximum Depth: 30m
Distance from Dive Centre: 26,7nm
Coordinates: S22 08'11.7 E035 33'38.6

Linene is an exciting dive, suitable for Advanced Divers.
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Marlin Pinnacle. Treasure Island for Advanced Divers.

Average Depth: 30m
Maximum Depth: 37m
Distance from Dive Centre: 12nm
Coordinates: S22 01'00.1 E035 33'11

Due to the depth, this dive is only suitable for experienced Advanced Divers, preferably with their Deep Diver Specialty.
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Dive Bazaruto - Marlin Pinnacle